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As the largest multiformat magazine in the UK, GamesTM offers its readers everything they could possibly want from a videogames publication: choice, opinion and, most importantly, independence. It's a magazine written by gamers, for gamers; as such, gamesTM tailors to the needs of its readers simply because those that write it know what those who read it want. What's more, it's a magazine that believes strongly in integrity; rather than falling for the PR hype, GamesTM digs deeper to find the truth about the games its readers care about and need to more on. ?However, being aimed at the more mature gamer, games'! also delves behind the scenes of the industry to find out exactly what makes it tick - interviews with the key industry players, studio visits to explore the history of important developers and thought-provoking features about topical videogame subjects give the reader something to think about between playing games. And, of course, there's GamesTM's dedicated Retro section - 30 pages every month devoted to the best (and worst) of retro gaming, interviews with past programming heroes and in-depth features about the games, machines and people that put videogames where they are today. With two awards for editorial excellence under its belt, GamesTM is undoubtedly the magazine that dedicated gamers have longed for and at such a low price, not subscribing simply isn't an option.



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