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DiscountMagazines VANITY FAIR 12 $24.00 $ 2.00 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines
Magazineline VANITY FAIR 12 $26.00 $ 2.17 Subscribe from Magazineline
DiscountMagazines VANITY FAIR 24 $48.00 $ 2.00 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines
DiscountMagazines VANITY FAIR 36 $72.00 $ 2.00 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines
DiscountMagazines VANITY FAIR 48 $96.00 $ 2.00 Subscribe from DiscountMagazines

1 Year, 12 issues - Vanity Fair Magazine covers the spectrum of our daily lives and culture. Written with incisive wit, each issue of Vanity Fair Magazine has articles on food, fashion, travel, and entertainment, as well as political and social commentaries and original works of fiction. In-depth reporting includes interviews with some of today's hottest artistic talents, plus you'll read reviews on movies, books, art, and the theater.
---- Magazineline

Vanity Fair covers the people, issues, and events that define our times. This chronicle of contemporary culture provides access to the movers and shakers in film, music, entertainment, sports, business, and politics. With articles by renowned writers and images by award-winning photographers, every issue of Vanity Fair is always fascinating, never ordinary.
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